I dunno how often I’ll be posting this week, as a warning. Got a lot of stuff to do…So.

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K so i dealt with my problems by drinking a beer, and I feel a lot better now. 

I dunno, I will say this about my Depression Journey:

It used to be much harder to pull myself out of An Episode, but now if I distract myself, I can find a way out of the Pit Of Doom (aka my FEELINGS) 

i probs shouldn't refer to my feelings like that.... whatevs

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Thanks! I needed that!!

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Picard + Data episodes are the most important

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Llana Glazer is easily becoming my favorite woman in the media.

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I miss Andrew, but I miss myself more.

I miss our relationship but I miss my relationship with myself more

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I am thinking about trying to do a Declaration of Self this year…I used to do that every year. From since I was 16. Until the year everything came crashing down.

I mean, it makes sense why I didn’t the last two years

but it makes me sad to think of having lost the most important tradition i had with myself

I dunno.

But just thinking about writing it is making me so heartbroken.

I just don’t want to define myself without Andrew and with all of this heaviness because it’s just so….I just never wanted to be here, And I’m working at being okay with everything but obviously it is not always working

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