lol yup current feelz

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Fucking not into anxiety fights between my rational brain and my FEAR RESPONSE brain

everyone hates you! no people probably don't hate you for having an opinion EVERYONE HATES YOU FOR THAT WHY ARE YOU THE WORST i understand where you're coming from but you're probably wrong EVERYONE DEFINITELY HATES ME FOREVER AND EVER hmm maybe you're right

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I’ve been through a lot, I deserve a lot.

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definitely flashed a guy last night by accident who i was trying to show i wasn’t interested in

he definitely saw me in my skimpiest undies i was undressing! with the door open it was my own fault

And I don’t bring the problems from the 90s into the 2 thou’
— Fabulous “So Into you” feat. Ashanti
life goalz

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yellow curry you are my hero

J-lo’s “Booty” doesn’t even compare to “Anaconda”

i like the big big booty part but thats about it damn her butt tho 45 and still amaze but the song is real bad and features iggy and the butt dancing is not impressive i could do that

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Someone else get into Project Runway already so I can talk about it with people because the only person i know is my damn ex and it’s not faaaair i have THOUGHTS

And he’s not even watching it anymore!


JUST KIDDING it just meant less than it meant to me! HOORAY! SLIGHTLY LESS DEPRESSING or god knows whats really in andrews heart besides despair

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this can either be a positive outlook or a really depressing one how to live post trauma

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So the last few days have been incredibly stressful and i basically turned off my brain in order to panic more effectively soooooooooooooooooo if anything interesting happened on tumblr, I missed it and you can blame ANXIETY

Also i got fancy lingerie in the mail and that has made all the difference

jk it was therapy

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